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  1. srsn Apr 14, 2016

    Quote by AssasinXXX Hey! You're welcome! :)

    Your wallpaper is actually the first one I commented on in god knows how long, years i think. The thing is I rarely come here and it's only to just have a chat and keep connected, I fail at that horribly. So I don't really go through the front page much, but your wall caught my eyes instantly, because I could see some serious shit went into it and I will always appreciate that. One of the things I liked about AP (hated it at first) is the strict approval back in the days. Seeing your thumbnail kinda gave me that vibe again so thank you :)

    I've been good and bad going through a weird time right now you could say, i really miss being part of the scene. Life kinda knocked and told me to pack shit up and become an adult, but I want to be active again.

    How about you, how are you now and have you been active all this time? I know we haven't spoken much before but I'd like to know how your walling experience with AP and MT has been like since you started.

    LOL I also didn't like the approval system in AP at first. Well, MT is pretty decent way back when all vet wallers are still active. I think it was golden when Fran, MapleRose and Chloe were still Mods, but sadly, about 2-3 years ago, all of us went MIA almost at the same time. Hence, the wallpaper submission is very relax nowadays.

    I've been active way back and was trying all sorts of style - typography, painting using SAI, extractiong and vectoring. I think the only style I haven't tried is monochrome. After that (around the end of 2012), I went MIA since a lot happened such as graduation and job hunting. While I was working, I have this Toki no Kizuna WIP, but since I worked midshift (3pm-12midnight) and was always in front of the computer, my eyes can't take it anymore so I decided to stop walling. Then just recently, I saw MT's gallery and decided to finish that latest WIP I have. I also felt that it would be a waste not to finish it because the character is already 80% done.

    I must say, I already found my walling style after doing my Amnesia Wallpaper , and I decided to semi-retire from walling and tried toy photography instead. I was thinking of making my last wallpaper as my final wallpaper, but it looks like a scan caught my eye. I just don't know when I'll finish it.

    I am reachable via FB or viber if you have one :)

  2. srsn Apr 12, 2016

    Quote by AssasinXXX I've forgotten how to use this site lol where is the FAVE option? This is amazing! Superb lighting and love the focus/blur
    I love seeing WIPs a lot, it feels like I get a more intimate behind the scenes so thanks for putting together the gif as well

    Thanks for the + fav and comment on my latest wallpaper

    How are you over there?

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